This Episode is featuring Zach Kale! Zack Kale has emerged in the past few years as a successful Nashville songwriter and producer. First landed a cut with Florida Georgia line and signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV Music. His song “I Hope” has done very well for both country and pop charts.

Zach grew up in Alabama and fell into music naturally as a young kid. He first picked up a guitar and followed after his dad who was a musician too. Zach grew up an hour out from Nashville, and he remembers driving down music row when he was in his 20’s and wanting so badly to get his songs heard.

He wrote with some friends at Big Loud Publishing and they ended up writing a song that got cut on Florida Georgia Line’s record. 10 years after he first drove down music row as a young man, a door opened and he made the move to Nashville.

“Can we change someone’s life today with a song?”

Find someone to invest in and champion them!

Zach’s story is all about investment and trusting your instincts. Find someone you believe in, and start investing there even if it’s not where you want to be down the road.

Best songwriting advice:

Say your idea in a real way. When you write a second verse, it doesn’t matter what you say, it matters more what you feel. It is all about what you feel. Does the melody feel right?

Advice for being a professional songwriter:

Just write with anyone, whether they’re better than you, worse than you or the same. Just keep writing.

“Listen more, talk less”


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