If you’ve listened to music at all during the past 20 years, chances are you have heard her talent and her songwriting.

On today’s episode of ‘Made It In Music’ we hear how songwriter, performer, producer, and talent scout Victoria Shaw got to Nashville and stays in an industry she loves so much.

“It’s about pivoting and diversifying. That’s what I find has been my best strength. Look at what’s needed.”

There was never a plan B for Shaw when it came to the music business. Right after high school she moved to New York and worked for free at a recording studio until they hired to stay, and her ‘overnight success’ as a songwriter took eight years. 

“Everybody’s map is different, but you have to keep walking forward. Walk forward and the right door will open.“

When the industry changed in the late 90’s Victoria added producer and talent scout to her resume and while 2020 has changed our new normal yet again, much of the basics remain the same.

If you want to get into the music business, just start by applying the wealth of advice given here. You’ll walk away with invaluable commercial insights as well as how to balance priorities so you never have to say you shoulda woulda coulda done anything differently.

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Website: https://www.victoriashaw.com/ 

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