Karen Allen is the creator of Twitch For Musicians, a book and online course that teaches artists how to grow their fanbase and earn revenue by live streaming on Twitch, a platform that is still new to the music world. 

Karen tells us about her journey of discovering Twitch, using it to produce singer/songwriter Marina V, to then teaching other musicians about the unique platform. While Twitch is mainly used by gamers, Karen describes the platform as community-based live streaming, and she has found that it creates a perfect opportunity for musicians to have a strong, supportive community of fans that are in it for the long haul.


“It’s a hangout with fans. Think of it like you’re having friends over to your home studio to have beers and play music”

She also dives into the monetization opportunities on Twitch, how musicians get discovered on Twitch, and how to network through this platform that is still very new to the music world. 

Karen Allen has written a book and has created a course, both titled Twitch for Musicians, filled with all of her knowledge and wisdom regarding being a musician on Twitch, be sure to check it out below!


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