In this episode of the Made it in Music podcast, Full Circle’s own X O’Connor (Grammy/Dove Award Winning Engineer/Producer) sits down with Tommy Sjöström A.K.A. Tommy Iceland (Swedish Singer/Songwriter).

In the United States, it’s very common to find people to co-write and produce songs with. Where Tommy hails from, things are a bit different. Co-writing in the Christian music market is unheard of at this moment in Sweden. The Christian music market itself in Sweden is not nearly as big as it is here in America. Tommy hopes to begin to change that and bring co-writing and more songs into the market in Sweden. As well as producing and writing songs here in America for artists such as We Are Messengers, Chris Tomlin, and Jesus Culture.

Hard work pays off folks. It took Tommy 15 years to reach his level of success today.

Tommy is here to share his incredible story about how he made it in music, and he’s here to help you do the same.

Quotable moments from this week’s podcast:

“I would not have seen God’s hand on it or had gotten to where I am right now if I never took a leap of faith.”

“If you want to make it in music, start with building relationships.”


Book mentioned in this episode:
Songs of Heaven by Amanda Fergusson

Music mentioned in this episode:
Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

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