Don Donahue has held down the following positions is his 30 year career in Nashville – talent scout, tour producer, artist manager, booking agent, label president, and live event executive producer. He has years of experience that he shares with us on this Made It In Music podcast episode!


Don says that many of these opportunities he has tripped into. One of which being his time at Reunion, which then led to him co-founding Rocket Town Records. Don shares the excitement and lessons learned during this season of life.


“Music brings people together”


Don really dives deep into his position now at Streamline Event Agency where he is the Senior Director of Business Development and Marketing. His overall goal in this position is to use creativity to reinforce content. 


The events he is in charge of are in the corporate world and his goal is to use live performance to reinforce the overarching messaging of the corporate event. He is incredibly passionate about this and how it could even be a new and innovative income stream for creatives.


“Being in the room with people with common interest is really something”


Check it out!


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