Olivia Lane and Steve Fee were both on their own songwriting/producing/publishing journeys when they landed the opportunity to be contestants on the latest season of Songland!

Songland, a songwriting competition series, sets out to give songwriters a chance to pitch their original creations to superstar recording artists and a panel of chart-topping music producers in the hopes of creating a music collaboration of a lifetime.

“There’s so much mystery and magic in the song writing process… it [Songland] starts the conversation of how the song is actually made”

– Olivia Lane

Olivia and Steve share much about their experience surrounding Songland like their musical backgrounds, the story of earning a songwriter spot on the show, all the highlights, and how Songland has impacted their songwriting careers.

“I felt so encouraged and understood … I left [Songland] with energy and wind in my sails as a songwriter”

– Steve Fee

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AND… check out her new single “Same Old Story” on YouTube!

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