Smithfield is an independent pop country duo who moved from Texas to Nashville to pursue their desire to start a music career.

They tell us why they moved to Nashville, who they met, and what they did to be as successful as they are today.

After getting to Nashville, Smithfield quickly found out that relationships are key in the music industry. They discuss how, when, and where to meet new people and what tips they received that helped them with networking.


“The idea is to not start by asking things from people, but to approach it more by actually getting to know them.”


Always. “Be as visible as possible. Go somewhere; make a lap; leave. You don’t have to stay for three hours, just show up and be visible. and it will pay off”


“The most important thing to do when you move to town is get involved in writers rounds. You meet people to write with, they introduce you to more people to write with, and it just escalates from there.”

Smithfield shares who helped them along their way and all the valuable people and relationship knowledge they gained in their 4 year journey to success.

“Go sit down and get coffee with everybody”

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