Rick Barker’s mission is to help as many artists throughout the world build, grow, and monetize a fanbase. While he gained his foothold in the industry as Taylor Swift’s manager, he is now so much more. From a keynote speaker, to an author, to an expert in digital music marketing, there are loads of valuable knowledge to learn from him.

“It’s what makes you different that allows you to win, not what makes you the same”

Barker finds ways to create opportunities where other people would miss it. He describes how he brought his artists on a “Nashville to You” campground tour to luxury camping sites, had them sing in parking lots at Nascar tailgates and even partnered one artist with Best Buy!

He harps on keeping it simple, and focusing on using the resources you have to create traction rather than striving to sway playlister, radio programmers, and other influencers.

Hearing this podcast, gives you a glimpse into one of the most innovative and influential artist managers in the business! It really helps you understand the goals of an artist manager, whether you need one, and the mindset every artist needs to succeed.

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