Rebecca St. James, Australian Christian singer-songwriter, author, and actress, shares her journey of how God has begun relaunching her musical career.

From watching her first concert at 6 weeks old in the Sydney Opera House, parading her 5 year old peers around singing, “The Sound of Music”, to releasing her first worship record at age 16, Rebecca was continuously giving her all to pursue her passion of singing.

However, Rebecca explains the challenges she faced from beginning her career at such a young age.

“I wish I had’ve known at that point… how much self-care and balance in life is important to having something to say and something to give”

One big misconception people have of the music industry is that everyone has it all figured out… But we all struggle and no one actually has it all together!

Discover how Rebecca learned to “pour back into her soul” after years of exhaustion and how she practices self-care and rediscovers her identity in Christ. After a hiatus from performing, being an author, actress, wife, and mom, she brings us back to the moment God told her she was going to sing again and how things began to naturally fall into place from writing new music to signing with Bethel.

“He can bring spring out of a winter season”

Learn as Seth and Rebecca discuss:

  • How technology has shaped the music industry
  • The music industry 30 years ago compared to now
  • The different “genres” of Christian music (CCM vs. Worship)

“I just get so excited about feeling like i could be a part of a song that the church worldwide could sing”

Rebecca shares excellent advice on:

  • How to create a great team-  especially in Nashville,
  • Where to find inspiration in writing,
  • How to write songs that last beyond your lifetime,
  • The importance of authenticity.

“Pray for God to ordain and lead your adventure in serving him”

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