Today we are joined by special guest Mark Maxwell! Mark is an entertainment lawyer and music business veteran with more than three decades of experience. Mark is also a former record label executive, and his many years of experience serving recording artists. This experience has shaped his overall approach to legal counsel!

In this episode, Mark starts by talking about how he fell into the music business. He started as an intern in the publicity department at World Records and was then hired as National Director of Radio Promotions. Once hired, he wasn’t planning on staying at World Records for more than 5-6 months, but the experience truly changed his life. This position gave him some amazing opportunities, one of which was implementing a campaign for Amy Grant’s multi-platinum album, Unguarded. After a couple years in this position he moved into doing A&R at World Records, and he says this was a dream job for him!


Mark is also a follower of Christ and at the age of 30 was praying a knew God was telling him to go to law school. Even though he felt he was too old to go to law school, he listened to the Lord and took a huge step of faith. 


“God, it’s not my dreams, it’s your dreams, and God it’s not my plan, it’s your plan for me”


Mark has had an incredible journey and is now an entertainment lawyer. He touches on some very valuable information that those interested in the music industry should know about like how relationships are really the key to success and when to get involved with an attorney as an artist. 

Mark is also an author and talks about his book “Networking Kills.” He flips the traditional definition of networking on its head and gets to the core of how true relationship should be; giving to others rather than taking from others to advance in your own career. 

“If you want to be great, and you want to be successful, it’s about becoming a servant”


This episode is full of wisdom. Be sure to give it a listen! 


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