Dave Pettigrew is an independent Christian artist who truly represents the idea of being a musicpreneur!


As an independent Christian artist, Dave is constantly having to innovate and be creative in his business strategies. While he is a musician first, he has found that the marketing and business side of being a musician cannot be ignored. 


“Of course I want to just sit down here and write music and write songs, but it’s 80% marketing and 20% music right now”


He created a Facebook group that has become an amazing community where those who are apart of it get coffee together, pray and worship with each other and really just love on one another. This Facebook group has led to many innovative ideas!


“We’ve basically built a community on Facebook that’s almost like a church”


One example of this innovation is his membership site where his fans can “Join Dave’s Band.” Dave provides a ton of awesome value to the fans who decide to become members. The more they are able to support his music, the more they are also supporting the mission to save lives, as Dave works with many charity organizations and donates a portion of the proceeds he receives from members. 


This is just one example of many that shows how Dave is a true entrepreneur who is always pivoting to improve his business as a musician. This episode of the Made It In Music podcast you do not want to miss. This one will leave you feeling inspired!


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Click funnels: https://www.clickfunnels.com

Asana: https://asana.com

Slack: https://slack.com

Printful: https://www.printful.com

Photoshop: https://photoshop.com/en

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