Today on the Made It In Music podcast we are joined with Stevie Aiello, bassist and music director for the band 30 Seconds to Mars.


Stevie has experience as a songwriter, artist, touring musician, producer, frontman in a band, and now a music director. This experience has given him many stories and wisdom to share!


“If your hearts not in there’s no point in doing it”


Here are a few things specifically touched on in this episode:


  • What it takes to make it as a touring musician
  • Joining 30 Seconds to Mars after it was a fully fledged band
  • Balancing family and personal life while being on tour
  • Diversifying as a musician vs choosing a specific lane


And so much more!


Stevie’s story will leave you feeling inspired to jump into your next big opportunity without hesitation. He made many leaps of faith in his journey, but this has given him the great story he has to tell!


“Everyone is good, so you have to outwork them, be smarter than them”



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