With over 2000 placements of original music in TV shows, film trailers, and commercials, Michael Elsner has accomplished much more than he ever dreamed, and licensing his songs is at the heart of it.

Guitarist, songwriter, composer, producer, instructor, and consultant Michael Elsner loves the world of synchronization or ‘sync’ licensing because of the amount of diversity it offers him to explore different styles of music.

“Everything from bluegrass to country, rock to pop to EDM, orchestral to simple piano ballads: you name it. Just listen…music is underscoring everything. “

Through the process of working with and mentoring artists and musicians over the course of his career, Michael realized that while there’s a lot of information out there regarding what music licensing is, there is very little regarding how to successfully license your music. Master Music Licensing was born out of a response to this. 

“Ultimately, you’re serving the story that’s being told by the directors and producers. When you see that you’re going to going to hear the incredible amount of opportunity that there really is for your music.”

Michael graciously explains that the biggest mistake people make is the delivery process and understanding that sync licensing is a completely different industry. Writing music is no different, but the requirements to send in your music and set yourself up for success are completely different. 

Listen in as Seth and Michael take you through the fascinating world of music for film and TV and discussing how being a musician doesn’t have to mean you struggle.

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