Meredith Andrews is a worship leader and an artist from North Carolina. Growing up singing in a small church, she tells us her journey to the music industry. 


She tells us about balancing her personal life with performing and what steps she was able to take in order to do that.


“Being really intentional of what I say yes to.”


Meredith talks about her connections with music and what makes her come alive. Through her experiences she has learned that music is the way people connect to things.


“Music is the vehicle.”


Overcoming your fears in the music industry is a big challenge and Meredith talks about what helped her with pushing through the noise. Meredith goes on to talk about her relationship with God and how she doesn’t want people to see her, but beyond her.


On Meredith’s journey from a performing artist to a worship leader there were lots highs and lows, but the one thing that remained constant was her faith in God.


“I was starting to redefine success in my eyes.”


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