Matt Hadley is the Owner/CEO of Wander Creative. He and his team help develop a brand by using tradtional methods, as well as digital marketing and content.

What is an artist’s brand? How does an artist find their voice?

Matt dives deep into what is important for an artist’s brand. The most important thing, however, is finding what is the most interesting part of the artist’s story, and unpacking that.

“What is that story about me and about my music that resonance with people and how can I tell that message over and over until people start to think of me in that perspective”

Matt discuss two very important branding tools that have been successful for artists trying to sign with a label

  1. A cohesive image across all platforms (organic, yet relatable)
  2. promotions/campaigns/merchandise

“You want make the brand enticing enough for the label to sign them”

What are the most important things to do if you only have $800 to spend on marketing your brand?

  1. Create as much content as you can with your time
  2. Use the money to grow Facebook numbers/platform; focus on sponsored ads and posts

“…how are people engaging with this artist?”

But what if you don’t have time OR money?

ENGAGE with your audience as much as possible. Try targeting a fan base similar to yours and reaching out to them

Lastly, what’s the NEW marketing strategies that work the best?

Email! surprisingly.

Matt says THE major question in marketing strategies is “what do you OWN?” (like email lists rather than Facebook likes!)

“…at the end of the day, you are running a business, so let it look like a business without it feeling like a business”

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