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Lzzy Hale and her 10 year old brother were about to play a county fair. Minutes before going on, her brother decided they needed a name. Ever since, the award winning band, “Halestorm” has been creating hits and sharing their music with the world.

Their story of how they made it in music was not easy.They began playing small gigs and posting flyers wherever they could. Then, they thought, “How do we get on the front page of the paper?” Which lead to a rotating upside down drum kit with Lzzy’s little brother strapped in which you can watch here.

Success takes hard work! They were constantly asking, How are we going to push this a little further”? They also did not find the right people immediately.

“Not only the key for being in a band, but just for surviving the industry period- it’s just having the right people around you”

How did they keep the same four people for sixteen years? They each have respect for one another, know how to fight and not throw the whole thing away and have to stay positive, celebrating the little things.

“It’s like 4 pillars- without one, all 3 would crumble to the ground”.

Want to know the formula for a perfect band?

  1. Treating it like a family,
  2. Open communication,
  3. Gratitude,
  4. Musicianship,
  5. Hard work!!

“Cheers to the low times; cheers to when you break down. It’s the thing you remember- It just means that you’re working.

Keep your flame in front of you! There are a lot of opinions but you have to fight to stay true to yourself. For Halestorm’s latest album, they never let anyone hear a demo before their album was put out so that they could stay true to themselves.

“If I die tomorrow I want to make sure I’m proud of what I put out”

“Turns out, you never run out of dreams. Just keep adding things to the bucket list”

Listen as Lzzy shares how they overcame their challenges and turned them into their advantages. Also listen as she describes how they expanded their fan base and retained fans. One important way:

“Never underestimate the power of being nice”

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Twitter: @lzzyhale

Instagram: @officallzzyhale

Website: Halestormrocks.com

Check out their newest record: here

Videos Mentioned in the podcast:

Rotating drum video: here

Vicious music video: here

Heart of Novocaine music video: here

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