Love & the Outcome, the CCM husband-wife duo, share their story of singing jingles and practicing in the basement, to finally becoming an influential and highly successful band.

Although a spouse duo, Jodi and Chris are very different. Listen as they discuss their individual starts, as well as how Love & the Outcome formed. Jodi explained it as, “U2 meets Amy Grant”. They had to learn how to work together. Having your ego in check is important when it comes to band chemistry.

“Trying to give space for the other person to bring who they are to the table”

One of the ways Jodi made it?

“Just say yes to everything that comes your way… Fake it till you make it.”

What makes Love & the Outcome stand out? They take their destiny into their own hands. They never had to rely on others to do their work for them- they booked their own tours and shows, connected with fans, etc.

Own your career. Own your platform.”

Listen as Love & the Outcome talk about what they did in their ‘in-between’ times of putting out music. They learned to focus on what they could control in that time and be intentional. With prayer and purpose, they even started their own podcast and doubled their followings!

Jodi also focuses on the importance of respecting yourself and being authentic. When she reaches out to her fans, she never tries to seem perfect and is transparent through her social media.

She documents instead of creates

“When you’re loving people and respecting people, it’s not a pitch. When you know what you’re worth, it’s not a pitch. When you know what you’re called to do, it’s giving value to someone else.”

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