Leo Birenberg is a film score composer based out of Santa Monica. He has worked on movies/shows like Kung Fu Panda, Cobra Kai, and Tigtone on adult swim. Leo goes into his upbringing, his projects he’s worked on, and what he has learned from the industry.

Leo studied music theory and composition at New York University and University of Southern California. Leo spent a lot of his time creating short films with his friends in college and he started his first film score for his college roommate’s class project.


“A lot of success in the composing industry was because of the relationships made in college.”

Leo tells about working with Christophe Beck, Canadian composer, and the opportunity to work on major pictures like the Hangover movies, the Muppet movies, and Disney’s Frozen. While Leo was learning valuable skills from with with Christophe, he also kept helping his friends from college with their web series and short films.

Leo gives his insight on what it takes to be a composer, the tools he uses to compose, and how to make the most of every opportunity.


“Just say YES to everything.”

Having many opportunities in the composing industry, Leo talks about how it does not matter if you are qualified to do a certain job. He says to say yes to everything, because you will be learning during those opportunities.


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