Rising artist Jordana Bryant is dedicated to bringing people together through her music. While being only fifteen years old, she has amassed millions of views through building a following on Youtube and Instagram. 

She discusses her new experiences in cowriting, having just started this past year.

“It’s such an awesome way to get to create stories with other people. I’ve met some incredible people and learned so much from them”

When quarantine started, she started her instagram, and posted song ideas and clips every night. She even went on instagram live and shared her songs virtually. Since then, she grew her account to over 24 thousand followers. She harps on the importance of consistency, hashtags, and personal moments!

She discusses all the great resources, workshops, and mentors that have helped her along the way. Taking action is something that has helped her be so proactive at such a young age. You can learn a ton from someone as passionate and driven as Jordana!

“If you have an idea, countdown from five, and then do it”

Her two singles “This Love” and “Not Sayin” are two sections of a trilogy outlining the beginning phases of a relationship. You can stream and watch her music videos below!

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