On today’s episode we are joined by Kevin Jonas Sr., the father of the Jonas Brothers, and business partner Roger Hodges! 


Both Kevin and Roger have years of experience in the music industry. They have helped to developed many artists into who they are today, starting with the Jonas Brothers. 


During this episode, Kevin and Roger provide an immense amount of wisdom. They touch on the ways that pastoring a church is like developing artists, when an artist is “ready” for the development process, what it means to have a hit song, and even what being a parent in the music industry along with some tips. 


“A hit will fight battles for you”


Kevin and Roger are now focusing on the Jonas Group Entertainment, which Kevin founded. Jonas Group Entertainment is a talent management company focused on helping guide artists down a path that will lead to opportunity, fulfillment, and ultimately to success. 


“If your artist is not working harder than you are then you’ve probably picked the wrong artist”


At the Jonas Entertainment Group they are passionate about people and believe that authenticity, vision, and hard work are key to success. They value quality over quantity and want to help artists realize their full potential in all areas of their career.


This interview you do not want to miss! Kevin and Roger both have such a great heart and truly love this industry and want to help you succeed. 


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Christ For The Nations: Cfni.org 

Jonas Group Entertainment: Jonasgroup.com 

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