John Marks is the Global Senior Editor/Music Programmer for country music. In this podcast, he discusses how his musical journey started from hearing “Oh Pretty Woman” on a jukebox, to working for his local radio station at 16, then to Sirius XM, and finally Spotify.

Marks explains his comment on how Spotify is the “new retail storefront for artists.” With so many more opportunities, now, for artists— the artist’s page on Spotify is like directing store traffic and is a primary way to activate fans’ interest (like selling merch and displaying tour dates). 

“You have a world wide audience at your disposable, all you need to do is be creative and find ways to tap into that”

What role should social media play? The most important and basic answer from Marks is— the biggest one. He says the 3 most best practices for an artist and their audience’s are— Save, Share, Follow.


“[Social media] is the most essential ingredient ever, and that’s all there is to it”


So, where is Spotify headed? 

John Marks says Canvas, a few seconds of a gif made by an artist for their song, is more than likely going to be introduced to the Spotify world. Spotify sees potential with probably more video being incorporated, considering the popularity of the vertical videos.

The podcast answers interesting questions like Spotify research and data, what artists are doing wrong, and empowering women in the music industry.


“…work to be profitable, work to have fun, but understand you’re building a business”


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