Internationally recognized multi-platinum writer, producer, and mixer John Fields was in 6th grade when his uncle Steven Greenburg ‘made it in music’ and introduced the idea that music could be a career.

Even if you’ve never heard John Fields’ name, you’ve definitely heard music he’s helped make. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry from pop acts, to rock bands to dance and electronic artists.


“You don’t get to pick what comes your way. When the offers come and you take them, you just don’t know what’s going to happen and that’s how you end up where you are. You just have to let it happen.”


John Fields didn’t even like much rock music growing up, but during a time when rock radio stations were in every town, he went with the projects that came in. 


Influenced by producers like Todd Rundgren and Jack Joseph Puig, John etched away at the path set before him. His manager Frank McDonough encouraged John to move to LA where within the first month he made a connection that would eventually put him in the room with a new band called Switchfoot. 


When you look back who are the people that changed your life it’s pretty crazy to think about this one thing that turned in to this entire river of work.” 


Listen in on this fascinating conversation of how hard work, flexibility, the right support system, and the importance of proximity carved out a space for one of the best producers of our time. 


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