In this episode of the Made it in Music podcast, Full Circle’s own Seth Mosely (Grammy/Dove Award Winning Producer/Songwriter) sits down with Jeff Owen, Lead Guitarist of Tenth Avenue North. Looking for more ways to make music and let his creativity out, Jeff has always looked for a side hustle. Most recently he has stumbled upon writing music for Film and Television in the sync world.

You’ll hear countless stories from his amazing journey as a life long musician. Touching on…

Various ways in music to make money both full and part time.
How to spend your free time and be productive in your creativity.
The realization that music is not about us and not what we look or sound like to others. It’s about sharing your music and being unique and true to yourself.

Jeff is here to share his incredible story about how he made it in music, and he’s here to help you do the same.

Quotable moments from this week’s podcast:

“There’s never a secret hidden path to success, everyone’s journey is different.”

“We’re at this intersection of Faith, Art, and Commerce, and we are just constantly dodging traffic.”


Book mentioned in this episode:
No Compromise (The Life Story of Keith Green) by Melody Green & David Hazard
Creativity Inc. (The Story of Pixar) by Amy Wallace & Ed Catmull

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