What exactly is a creative director? What do they do? What are they looking for?

In this podcast, we interview two successful creative directors, Josh Wurzelbacher and Jason Jones, who share their insights on how they got to where they are now, their roles, and helpful advice. 

Josh Wurzelbacher worked at Capitol for three years, and is now creative director for Centricity. Jason Jones co-founded a marketing website which lead him to a creative marketing position at Capitol, and later to where he is now, director of marketing and creative services at Integrity Music.

What exactly is a creative director? 

Jason and Josh describe it as being

“The third leg on the stool… partner with A&R and marketing to make sure there is a compelling visual story that coincides with the sonic story they’re trying to create.”

It’s all about songs and sound in the music industry. Creative directors have to be the “advocates for visual language”.

Biggest difference in creative now:

We live in a single based culture. How should we handle that?

The most important part, especially now with so much content and white noise being put out every day: It has to be authentic. The key to authenticity? First, figure out what the artist likes and does naturally. Second, work hard! They want the artist to be productive, too.

“You can afford to be more raw and authentic now.”

How do they help their artists make the creative process a manageable task?

  1. Resource management. How much do we have to make this happen?
  2. What can we add to what they’re already good at doing? Maybe they’re good at taking photos, but can’t edit them all- put an editor on the road with them.
  3. What do we need to completely supplement? Maybe they have no idea how to do video- put a videographer on the road with them.
  4. Help the artists understand how it helps accomplish their mission.

What should independent artists do? Surround yourself with other creatives to collaborate with! Barter services and create great relationships.

Check out Josh and Jason’s content or reach out to them at:

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Jason’s Email: jason.jones@integritymusic.com

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