Matt Black is what we like to call a musicpreneur, with experience creating EDM music, being a DJ, a producer, starting a record label, and revolutionizing the ultimate electronic instrument he is now calling Jamm Pro.


During this interview with Matt we go all the way back to his childhood and talk about the sound and light shows for his parents, which is quite fitting being that he ended up in the EDM world. This passion then manifested into being a DJ at discos around age 14, to finally beginning his time in Coldcut.


“Sound and vision go naturally together and you can connect audio and visual in so many different ways”


Matt really dives into the evolution of Jamm Pro, an original touch-controlled beat app. He talks a lot on how this is a real passion of his. He is trying to create the ultimate beat instrument and wants to not only share it with people, but also help people to have fun while making music with other people. 


“This instrument is so flexible there is always something to learn”


This is a music production tool that has been 25 years in the making, so check out Matt Black’s Jamm Pro!


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