Matt is a founding member of the worship band I Am They, and has seen great success throughout the seasons of touring, recording and being apart of the christian music industry.

Their song, Scars, hit #2 and their song, ‘My Feet’ were both on the rock hit radio top 15, and their first single ‘From the Day’ hit top 10. Most recently, Seth has been working with I AM THEY in the studio on their newest record “Faithful God” which you can preorder if you go to I am so excited for this interview and to see what wisdom Matt has for us today.

As a young kid, Matt learned to love music through drumming and later learned to play guitar at his youth group. He started to write songs and create music with those around him and he never stopped!

“We can easily take our eyes off of building the Kingdom of God and get caught in building our own kingdom, but we have to stay focused on the eternal value of our work…keep the main thing the main thing.”

Matt’s story has a common thread of walking through open doors even if there were many questions and doubts that could have kept him standing still. Whether it was signing his first record deal, playing his first show with the band, moving to Nashville or quitting his day job in order to do music full time, Matt kept walking through whatever door was open.

“Everything I worry about will find its place when I seek first the kingdom of God, and that sums up a lot of what my journey is.”

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