When your income depends on going on the road, times of global or widespread economic crisis can lead to a lot of uncertainty for you and your family.

In this episode, Seth and Logan, VP of Marketing at Full Circle Music, talk about what musicians can do during those times and what types of assistance are out there for artists, musicians, booking agents, and anyone else in the music industry impacted by live shows being canceled or postponed.

Financial Support During Times of Hardship

  1. Grammy’s MusiCares: https://www.grammy.com/musicares
  2. Musician’s Foundation: http://www.musiciansfoundation.org/
  3. Sweet Relief Musician’s Fund: https://www.sweetrelief.org/

Stay Connected!

Don’t cut yourself off from the world! Stay connected virtually with family and songwriters like you!

This is a great time to focus on music and collaborate with other people just like you, even virtually.

Song Chaser’s Facebook Group: FullCircleMusic.com/Group

How Can You Work From Home?

Zoom! Grab a microphone if you have it, or use your computer’s built-in microphone to collaborate with people. You can also record the session for free with Zoom. https://zoom.us/

Discord: Free chat application to keep in touch with people from all over and hold multiple conversations in one location. https://discordapp.com/

Loom: Great free screen recording app. https://www.loom.com/

AudioMovers: Real-Time audio sharing for production tweaks. https://audiomovers.com/

Set aside time, even if it’s just 90 minutes. You can get A LOT done in 90 minutes.

Invest in a Home Rig

Laptop. Small Midi Controller. Microphone. Interface. Done.

Use free software like GarageBand and ProTools First https://my.avid.com/get/pro-tools-first

Production Course:  7 part mini-series about what you should think about when recording songs for yourself and others. FullCircleMusic.com/FreeProductionCourse

Social Media

Build your audience and your following by investing your time in social media.

Go live on Instagram to play and share stories. Create connections where your fans are!

The people who will come out stronger are those who invested in their audience.

Create content for YouTube as well as people are spending more time with streaming and video-on-demand.

You can also join TikTok!

Batch record! Take as many photos, videos, or content at a time that you can use later! This is REALLY helpful with social media content!

Seth’s Teleprompter: https://amzn.to/3apgfjk

Crushing It: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too: https://amzn.to/2vRa5tb

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