Joey Elwood is one of the co-founders of Gotee Records, along with the other Gotee Brothers, Toby McKeehan and Todd Collins. 


Joey talks all about artist development on this episode on the Made It In Music Podcast. Specifically, what it takes to launch a new artist and also what they look for when choosing their next artist to develop. 


“Some people are good finishers and some are good starters but rarely are both”


Joey gives great wisdom about the three things that make businesses successful. He says that in a business, which can be applied to any team, that you need a designer, developer, and manager. He dives deep into how having these three roles on a team is crucial to success. That you need to know where YOU fit in this framework. 


“We don’t have a job without the other role” 


Joey states the importance of having a vision as an artist. To know what you want the next few years to look like. And with that, to know how to be patient because you need to give things the time and space to develop. 


If you need to be inspired click here to listen!


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