Jackie Patillo’s professional journey tells the story of one who is consistent & determined. 

Jackie has years of experience serving and developing artists in the both the Christian and Gospel genres and has worked with Star Song Communications, Benson Music, Integrity Music, Verity Gospel Music Group (Sony Music), and she is currently the President & Executive Director of the Gospel Music Association. 

“Grow where your planted”


Jackie is passionate about serving those who are called to spread the gospel through music. She feels that her position at the GMA is more of a calling than a job. Jackie also gives insight into what the GMA is all about, saying that the GMA is not defined by style but actually defined by the message, or calling.


“We [Gospel Music Association] are a voice on behalf of all God’s creative people”


Jackie has been led by the Lord throughout her entire career. Her faith in God is evident in everything she does and says, and in this interview she gives so many nuggets of wisdom we all can ponder on. 

“Know your purpose. Why do you want to sing and who do you want to sing to?”


Make sure to give this one a listen!


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