How do you navigate breaking into the music industry? How do you start from giving up to living in God’s dream? Skillet’s Jen Ledger dives into the details of how God took something she loved and made it her career when she was ready to quit drums altogether.

You’ll Learn About:

• The process of a dream becoming reality.
• When Jen auditioned for Skillet and overcame her own doubts.
• How to perform your best and not compare yourself to others.
• Learn to “let go” and move forward in failure.

Jen Ledger has been the drummer for the band Skillet (Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning) for going on 10 years now. Skillet is one of the largest rock music touring acts in the world. Hit songs include “Monster,” “Hero,” “Whispers In The Dark,” “Feel Invincible,” and “Stars.” At the time of this episode’s release, their current radio single is “Lions.”
Seth has been working with Jen and wrote songs for her debut solo release Ledger, which released April 13th this year.

In this episode, Jen and Seth discuss the new record, Jen’s success, and finding true meaning in God (and not comparing yourself to others). Throughout her stories, Jen shares very insightful and useful tips that will help lead you in your own success.

Jen Ledger is here to share her story about how she made it in music, and she’s here to help you do the same.


Albums mentioned in this episode
Flyleaf by Flyleaf

Books mentioned in this episode
God’s Lavish Grace by Terry Virgo

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