On today’s episode of the Made It In Music podcast we are joined with singer-songwriter Allison Veltz Cruz. Allison shares her journey as an artist and songwriter and what she has learned along the way. 


Allison’s love for music started out as a child. There was always singing and music being made during her childhood, her family even had a family band. As music was and is a huge part of who Allison is she knew that music was the only thing she would pursue.


“I had to see the opportunities for what they were or I was wasting my time”


Formerly signed to Blaster Records, Allison has switched her sole focus to writing for others. Her writing career gained real momentum with a number 1 in Japan and Korea with the song “Mr. Taxi” for pop group Girls Generation. Recently, she wrote the hit song “Prayed For You” for Matt Stell. This song is special and has touched so many! 


“I didn’t have a plan B, I had to do music”


Allison also shares about her faith journey and how she came to know the Lord as an adult (check out the deep dive for even more on this!). She has a lot of wisdom and experiences to share that we can all happily learn from. You do not want to miss this episode!


// Connect with Allison Veltz Cruz on…

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/allisonveltzcruz/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/allisonveltz

AND… check out her song “Prayed For You” on YouTube

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