How do you find your voice in leading a congregation? Where can you start? Cody Carnes, husband to Kari Jobe, dives into the details and helpful tips to get you started wherever you are in your worship leading.

You’ll Learn About:

What the Western Swing genre is (yes, we also have never heard of it before!)
How to find your voice and when voice lessons are necessary
How to find things you are good at and focus solely on those to avoid failure when possible
How to find God’s will for your life

Cody Carnes is a worship leader and songwriter whose passion is to create a meeting place for God and people with music. He spends most of his time traveling and leading worship with his wife Kari Jobe Carnes. The couple have co-written numerous songs together including “Closer To Your Heart,” “The Garden” and “Lover Of My Soul” from her album The Garden and “Let The Heavens Open” from her album Majestic.  Cody is known popularly for his tunes “The Cross Has the Final Word”, “Hold it All”, and “Til the End of Time”, all of which are off his debut album The Darker the Night/The Brighter the Morning.

Cody Carnes is here to share his story about how he made it in music, and he’s here to help you do the same.


Books mentioned in this episode:
The Song Machine by John Seabrook

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