Brandon Harrington is the host of “Surviving the Music Industry” podcast. Always wanting to play gigs, Brandon learned exactly what it took to “survive” the music industry.


“I love the dream…but I will actually do it.”
Brandon started up his own podcast in 2015. He wanted to do something that Nashville didn’t have. He also wanted to help people and found out that he could help people in this way.


He tells about his story and what he did in order to find his way into the music industry. He goes into his upbringing, networking, and how to get yourself out there.


“The most important thing to do is make friends, not connections.”
Brandon goes into detail with how he realized what he wanted to do. He jumped straight into a Christian band playing gigs, traveled to the Philippines for missionary work, and got into music from there.


Learn how Brandon found his way into the industry and how he became who he is today. Brandon tells what actions to take in order to get yourself into the music industry.


“Don’t be a dreamer. There are not enough doers.”

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