Today we welcome Ben Staufer, former CFO of Data and Analytics for Centricity Music Publishing and founder of Counterpart Music, an independent provider offering record label and publishing services. Ben is also the creator of the music discovery podcast, “Sounds Good to Me.” 


With over two decades of financial experience, he has worked with a Christian record label and music publishing company, a music business management firm, an S&P 500 company along with Big 4 accounting firms.


In today’s episode Ben discusses how he got his start in the music industry, how he knew it was time to start his own company, what being a “music strategist” is all about and how artists can make the most revenue from their music. 


Join us as Ben goes in depth on topics like social media and Youtube digital advertising, how to pitch your songs to streaming editors and how to navigate the tricky world of publishing deals!


Check out Ben’s podcast “Sounds Good To Me” here :

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